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From the Ground Up: Assessing and Treating the Kinetic Chain in Overhead Athletes (2021-11-17)

.15 CEU 1.5 Contact Hours

The purpose of this educational program is to provide a comprehensive, integrated approach of the overhead athlete, emphasizing new biomechanical research of the kinetic chain, as well as corresponding assessment and treatment methods, based on current evidence. Attendees will gain a greater understanding of current research on the biomechanics of the throwing motion, with emphasis on how the motion and sequencing of both proximal and distal segments of the kinetic chain directly applied to clinical practice.


  • Describe the biomechanics and pathomechanics of the overhead throwing motion. 
  • Appraise selected examination techniques to assess the kinematic chain. Synthesize the best current evidence for designing therapeutic interventions for identified deficits in the kinetic chain. 
  • Assess the optimum outcomes to determine the efficacy of the examination, diagnosis, and treatment interventions.