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Casual Chat: Working in Elite and Pro Sports


Teena Murray is a change-maker with over 25 years leading from the front in elite sport, and she joins us for our next Casual Chat!


  • Teena Murray

    Teena Murray is a change-maker with over 25y leading from the front in elite sport. Changing the game is all she has ever known. Teena grew up in small town Canada, in a one stoplight town with more cows than people. She dreamed of being the first woman in the NHL or NBA (after being the first girl granted the right to play boys hockey at age 10.) During her undergraduate years, playing college basketball, she fell in love with the weight room and all things human performance, then continued graduate studies in education, exercise physiology and sports nutrition. To nobody’s surprise, she launched a career in strength & conditioning after graduation, and there was no looking back. Over 2 decades later, she has now worked with many of the world’s top leagues and teams, including the NBA & NHL. Teena’s sweet spot is building integrated transdisciplinary teams, data-led systems, and agile execution processes to optimize athlete development and player availability. She believes in a focus on outcomes over silos, lanes, egos and disciplines, and believes we all own illness, injury & performance. Teena is passionate about growing leaders, creating learning-centered environments, developing innovative cross-industry partnerships, and disrupting status quo. She brings a track record of success from stops at UCONN, University of Louisville, USA Hockey, Turkish Basketball Federation, International Ice Hockey Federation, Sacramento Kings and Pittsburgh Penguins. She has over a dozen peer-reviewed publications and has contributes as an author, speaker and advisor across the health and performance landscape. Most important, Teena is a mother of 2 amazing daughters- MacKay (16) & Hadley (12). She is currently wrapping up an Executive Leadership program at Kellogg and a unique InnerMBA program focused on bringing conscious leadership to business.

October 5, 2023
Thu 9:00 PM EDT

Duration 1H 0M

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